MARXIST LENINIST PARTY OF INDIA (RED FLAG)-Delhi defeat shows that the countdown of BJP is started.

                                                    CENTRAL COMMITTEE




Delhi defeat shows that the countdown of BJP is started.

                                 The heavy defeat BJP has met with in Delhi Assembly election is the apt reply from the part of people to the politics of hatred and divisive tactics practiced by them. The shining victory of “Aam Admi” Party (AAP) in Delhi was the popular backlash against the destructive policy of damaging the secular fabric of the country followed by the BJP. This massive popular verdict will definitely give an additional energy and fillip to all the struggles being waged in the country against the policies of Hindutva communal forces. This victory is going to become the pathfinder to the elections in immediate future.
                            The defeat of BJP in Delhi shows that the count down of their divisive politics is started. 

                                                            M.S. Jayakumar,

                                                          General Secretary