MARXIST LENINIST PARTY OF INDIA (RED FLAG) - Supreme Court Ruling on Reservation:

                                                      CENTRAL COMMITTEE


Supreme Court Ruling on Reservation

Central Government has to take action to get the ruling revised.

                         The recent ruling of the two member bench of the supreme court that the articles 16(4) and 16(4)(a) of the constitution are not of compulsory nature and the states are not bound to make reservations in government jobs and nor promotions a fundamental right is a virtual onslaught on the social justice ensured by the constitution. It is highly deplorable that the Modi government which follows the anti-reservation policies of the RSS is not willing to approach the apex court with an appeal against the said supreme-court ruling negating the rights of the sections of people belonging to Dalits, backward and minorities. 

                    The Central Committee of MARXIST LENINIST PARTY OF INDIA (RED FLAG) expresses its strong protest in the position taken by the central government in this regard. We think that it is necessary to develop powerful people's movements to compel the government and the forces in power to revise their policies refusing the constitutional rights of Dalits and sections of backward and minorities. 

                                    M.S. Jayakumar 

                                   General Secretary