M S Jayakumar:- Stop the Fascist Engineered Riots in Delhi

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                                                      CENTRAL COMMITTEE
                                                                                                           Cochin 25th February 2020

         Stop the Fascist Engineered Riots in Delhi

The riots triggered in the national capital yesterday was evidently preplanned and organised by the communal fascist forces, executed by the Hindutva brigands with active police connivance targeting the Anti-CAA protesters and people belonging to the minority community. 

It was well-engineered that the perpetrators wanted it to be within the controlled bounds where they intended to have it. Police were spectators to the shooters, arsonists and the lynching mob with methodic silence. The inaction of the central home department effected as an accomplice to rioters betraying the communal fascist interest of the Modi regime. The footage provided by international news agencies has already exposed this criminal act of complicit inaction of Delhi police. 

We condemn the said conniving act of Modi government and its police force; and, demand immediate strong action against rioters and to maintain order and amity in the national capital. We call upon secular and democratic forces to come forth in vigilance against any further igniting of communal hostilities. 

                                                                       M S Jayakumar

                                                             GENERAL SECRETARY