CPI(ML)RED FLAG  is demanding to take appropriate severe action against the conspirators of the death of the dalit student of University of Hyderabad Rohith Vemula.  The CPI(ML) Red Flag is suspecting Central Cabinet Labour Minister, BJP Senior leader Bandaru Dattatreya, HRD Minister Smrithi Irani, local Hyd BJP MLA roudy sheeter Raja Sing are behid this audacious act.  And our party is demanding to file a charge sheet against these people and in favour of SC, ST right protection and to bereave them from their positions.
    For such a long time in the University of Hyderabad  the ABVP and VHP leaders are monitering and discriminatingly insulting the dalit people who are conducting programmes such as beef festival and so on. These programmes are being conducted by the Dalit Student Organisation banner like Ambedkar Student Associations(ASA).
Being seriously insulted and hurt by the ABVP and BJP groups, first Rohit Vemula was sent out of the University and then he committed suicide. Being a dalit he was not allowed to study in the University this lead to his suicide.  His suicide is not a suicide but its a murder by Hindu Facism and Hindu Terrorists.
     The CPI(ML) Red Flag is demanding an ex-gracia of 5000000 rupees and a Government job for a person of his house hold.  And we are demanding to take severe actions and bring a strict law to prevent such things to happen again anywhere.  We demand the equal rights to be given to SC, ST, BC and to all minority students to study, live harmoniously in the society.
     CPI(ML) Red Flag is taking an initiative to form a student alternative platform in Andhra and Telangana States uniting with Leftist and Dalit Minority Organisations. CPI(ML) Red Flag protested this audacious act on 18-01-16 by burning the  Fascist's flag.

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